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Take a look at what our clients are saying

April definitely knows her stuff. She's so knowledgeable about all things social media, ads, funnels, copy, emails, systems, design. She is so incredibly masterful. 

She is so lovely and available and truly cares. She wants the best for your business and really puts in that love, care and attention.

I trust her. Her amazing savvy and expertise. I knew that she was the person that I wanted to do this with. It feels like she has taken my entire business and up-leveled it. 

I have this whole new system that I'm really, really proud of and I couldn’t have done without her. It feels like a whole new, beautiful way of operating.

I highly recommend working with April. She's amazing. I've learned so much and I know that my business will never be the same.


I've generated over 930M dollars worth of leads for my FB Lead Generation Company over the last 8 years... I needed someone on par with my level of skill to come in and take over and that's exactly what I found in April. She's absolutely exceptional at what she does.


I'm Kate Taylor and I’m a fashion stylist for bad-ass entrepreneurs who also trains other fashion stylists to be successful. I've worked with April long-term and the whole time has felt seamless. 

With a long-term relationship with April, we've been able to develop better systems and structures as time has gone on and really perfect things. 

We were able to launch a very successful challenge that turned out to be a $125,000 launch. It was amazing and so fun because I knew that April had the pieces covered around the ads, the funnel, and all the things not my zone of genius. She's committed to the goals as much as we are.

If you're a creative or someone who doesn't like the nitty-gritty of all of that, she had it all handled. It was done, beautiful, and produced the results. We have planned over the year to have multiple $200,000 launches and above. They should be done quite easily because of our long-term relationship. We've run these launches a couple of times and we get better every time.

If you're on the fence about working with her, if it's not your zone of genius, why are you spending time on it? Talk with April.


I want to be super clear about how amazing this was. I came to April for help with Facebook ads and to grow my list. I felt really stuck around how to grow my audience.

One of the first things I recognized when talking with April was how incredible this woman's sense of possibility is... And how well she knows the industry. 

In the first two weeks of my campaign launching, I've doubled my email list, grown my Facebook group, and sold offers passively. This means those first two weeks I've already made back half of what I invested in working with April. 

There's so much more energy and life in my business. I have emails every day telling me that there are new people on my list. I have people reaching out to me. There's activity in the Facebook group, sales are happening and the ads are working. 

I am singing April's praises. I highly recommend working with April. She's made the whole process feel easy in the way she delivers information and through her personality. It's been a really beautiful process. I've felt so supported by her this whole time. 

Working with April is a super-smart move and an incredible gift to give your business.


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