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Here’s what Growth by Funnels is all about.

Our mission is to help female entrepreneurs

(just like you!) gain financial independence

through online business. 

At Growth by Funnels, we believe that female entrepreneurs and the next generation of women will fundamentally change what it means to leave a legacy as they rise in financial power. 

Our team is here to help YOU grow your own legacy. We want nothing more than to help our clients spark true economic and social change. 

So how do we do it?


Our team’s expertise is in creating high-converting, high-return sales funnels – so that YOU can optimize your business and life. Growth by Funnels’ goal is to support the advancement of women in the economy by supporting female entrepreneurs to automate their ever-increasing revenue streams. 


Our vision is to make sure that you spend less time in your business and more time on what really matters to you. Adventure? Get it. Success? Get it. Relaxation? Get it. Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve whatever it is that you’re hoping to (sales and beyond).


Growth by Funnels is here to support you with our knowledge, our creativity, and our proven formula of success.

The Growth by

Funnels Story

Founded 3 years ago by April Dawn, Growth by Funnels has worked with 250+  clients to perfect over 300 unique sales funnels and processes. April’s true passion has always been psychology and understanding what motivates a person to do, to buy, to dream, and more. She has channeled this curiosity into building funnels that convert at a serious pace for her clients.


Her clients’ success is April’s success. To date, April has spent over $200k on behalf of Growth by Funnels to ensure that her team stays on trend, remains an industry-leader, and to truly kickass for her clients. Today, April’s ultimate mission is to help service providers leverage their time and expertise so they’re able to live lives that leave a legacy.


In her early 20s, April decided it was time to shake up her life and set off on a solo backpacking adventure across Southeast Asia and went hitchhiking all across North America. All the while, looking for a more effective way to show up in her life and a more meaningful way to interact with the world.


Somewhere along her adventure, April realized that her unique skill set and vision was how she could help others.


And so, Growth by Funnels was born. After a short 6 months, her “side hustle” began earning more than the whole first year of her day job. It was officially time to pivot. In less than 2 years of building the business, April was able to crack the code of earning upwards of 6-figures, and spent the majority of those dollars educating herself, investing back into her business and supporting her clients.


Today, April resides in Canada and is busy growing Growth by Funnels  and expanding her vision for her life. She manages her busy schedule by outsourcing her personal life and by consuming a lot of coffee! April also enjoys a proper breather with yoga on her downtime and is looking forward to being able to travel the globe again.


Like her clients, April believes that having the time to live her life beyond business is incredibly important.

Here’s why clients Love

Growth by Funnels

You’ve been killing it with your business, there’s no question about it. To date, you’ve hit some major milestones like earning 6-figures (or more) in your business and up leveled ALL aspects of your life! There’s no denying that you’ve created something exceptional and exciting... and you’ve undoubtedly enjoyed the adventure so far. 


It’s been a wild ride, BUT it definitely feels like you're working harder than you should be at this point in your business. You feel like you’re doing it all... like, ALL the time. Your lead generation efforts have become overwhelming and bringing in sales can feel downright exhausting. There’s a pit in your stomach when you think about sales because there aren’t enough hours in the day to worry about your business at the same time. 

The solution? You need someone to help build something that works FOR YOU (and not the other way around). 


That’s where Growth by Funnels comes in. We provide systems to build, grow and scale your business. 


Amp up your service-based business to 5x more leads on autopilot… so that you can live the life that you’re meant to.

Here is what Growth by Funnels is committed to achieving for our clients

Hint: it’s not just a quick fix!

At Growth by Funnels, we aim to help 100 female entrepreneurs automate their businesses and create a six-figure return on their ad spend over the next three years.


The things that we value the most at Growth by Funnels are fast results and long-term sustainable solutions. We strive for fast wins that are consistent and steer clear of duct-taped solutions.


At Growth by Funnels, we get that your business is an extension of you. That’s why our team values kind, effective, and timely communication. You will never feel left in the dark as you embark on this next leg of your business journey with us. We value transparency in our decisions. We value competency and honesty. We stand for progress and strive to contribute to women’s movements in the developing world.


Inside Growth by Funnels, we truly care. We take care of our team and our clients. Even though we’re a digital agency without a storefront, our team has created a cozy, comfortable space so that everyone we work with feels welcome and safe. We embrace and accept our uniqueness, our weird (and our clients’ weird)!

Don’t take our word for it.

Here’s what our past clients are saying

I was never able to successfully sell a tripwire. I spent tons and tons of money and didn't sell a thing. April took all of my ideas and helped me develop a funnel that sells tripwires on autopilot. My tripwire now covers 30% of my funnels ad spend.

Andi Forness


I've generated over 930M dollars worth of leads for my FB Lead Generation Company over the last 8 years... I needed someone on par with my level of skill to come in and take over and that's exactly what I found in April. She's absolutely exceptional at what she does.

John Hellaby


I want to let you know how amazing April Dawn is at helping you create funnels and ad campaigns! I took a workshop with April was floored by how much I didn't know. I learned more then I ever thought I was going to.

April Adams Pertuis


Talking to you opened up my mind to the possibility of providing epic value to my clients in a way that felt good for me. It allowed me to see what consistent 5 figure months would look like and I hadn't had a moment where I felt that before. Then less then 2 weeks later I signed a 5 figure client.

Dayna Lisa


Maximize your sales, minimize your stress.

What are you waiting for?

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